Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Tuesday, June 11, 2013, Pete Muller

Heigho, Frannie here again. I only have time for a quick BLURB (47A. Judgement on a book's cover?) about this puzzle. While it was as simple as EINS, zwei, drei (39D), I didn't really WARMTO it. (41A: Grow fond of). It was fun to have Living [blank] INSIN (12D) and PERDITION (11D: Hell) right next to each other. Those two make a nice trinity with 30D: Place to congregate? PEW. However, I'm not a fan of ATTABOY (46D: "Good Going!") no matter where it appears.

The theme clue MIXEDBAG (62A: Assortments... or what you'll find in 17-, 25-, 30-, 44-, and 50-Across?) didn't help with the solve, but I found it moderately interesting upon review of the puzzle after completion.

Overall, I thought the fill was fine. I liked the two crossing clues featuring the OED (40A: Ref. work that took 70 years to complete) and ZED (35D: Final section of the 40-Across), I am not familiar with ZENO (59D: Paradoxical Greek). Something for me to look up.

As Horace completed a substantial amount of the puzzle, I think it would be NEAT (49A) if he'd chime in with comments.Perhaps he'll ECHO  (5A) my remarks, TERSE (19A) though they are.

~ Frannie

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  1. 20:12
    Along with the OED and ZED there was an EDS right there. Lots of "ED" going on. The MIXEDBAGS didn't help me with the solve either for two reasons: I came up with that after having filled in the rest of the puzzle, and I had to look back to see what it meant (it wasn't obvious at first and I doubt that it would have helped in any thought related to clue answers). Nice review Frannie!