Saturday, June 29, 2013

Saturday, June 29, 2013, Joe Krozel


The butterfly grid looks demanding, and todays effort did not meet the challenge. Consider the SE wing, where we find such answers as SNEERER (29D: Elvis Presley, notably), BILLERS (33A: Accounting department employees), DETERGE (38A: Wash), RETEAM (40A: Join up for another collaboration), and SSRS (42A: Georgia and neighbors, once: Abbr.). Each more groanable than the last.

That was the worst area, but there were clunkers everywhere. OUTSKIP (16A: Defeat in a jump-rope competition, say) in the NW, ADSITES (19A: Craigslist and others) and PEERSAT (5D: Views through a periscope, say) in the NE. Why "periscope?" and why not "peers up?" And how often do you hear the phrase "Stand to reason?" It stands to reason that objections will be raised to the changing of familiar idioms for the purpose of forcing them into a crossword grid. And in the SW we find such lovely fill as HAVOCS (30D: Post hurricane scenes, e.g.), and NOSEATS (37A: "Standing room only").

It's a sad day when the most interesting answer is MENNEN (8D: Speed Stick brand), because it reminds you of a product that you haven't thought of in maybe ten years. "Oh yeah... Mennen... is that still a company?"

- Horace

p.s. Other sites report that this puzzle set the record for fewest words (50). It's a pity that record-keeping does not exist for solving satisfaction, for this could have contended for two "lowest" awards at once!

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  1. Under 30 minutes.
    This was extremely easy for a Saturday, even surprisingly so. I have to say that I agree with Horace about the groan-worthiness of this puzzle. I thought the same thing regarding STANDTOREASON, but liked seeing EDGARWINTER for the same reason that Horace liked MENNEN. SJY liked the butterfly shape.