Sunday, June 23, 2013

Sunday, June 23, 2013, Patrick Berry

Well, Mr. Berry is clever. The rebuses (rebi?) inserted into the grid were many and mighty, from the ERER at the end of W[ER]N[ER]KLEMP[ER][ER] (73A: German-born emmy winner of 1960s TV) to the beautifully spaced ARs in M[AR]G[AR]ETF[AR]R[AR] (61D: Classic name in crossword puzzles). Horace deserves all the credit for putting together the two-by-fours that supported the main structure of the puzzle. I came late to the scene and contributed only a little to the fill, which I thought was pretty solid. The clues were strong overall, with a nice mix of degrees of difficulty, and we didn't get much crosswordese FOISTED (97A: Palmed off) upon us. I learned a new verb meaning drink to excess TOPE(d) (33D), which could come in handy some day. The inclusion of both NOAH (102A: Patriarch who lived 950 years) and ARARAT (93A: Welcome sight after a flood) was nice. I also liked 90A Holders of addl. thought (PARENS), and 35A Give one's address? (ORATE). A favorite of Horace's was 106A French or Italian bread (EURO). Berry clever, indeed.

~ Frannie


  1. Late to the party, as we were dropping off the older girl at ballet camp in Pennsylvania. I enjoyed this one, although it took some time to finish. [TH]IS[TH]ATAND[TH]EO[TH]ER jumpstarted me, but I had a moment of doubt until I spotted the extra ST in CA[ST][ST]HEFIR[ST][ST]ONE. There was only one non-theme clue that hit two rebus squares, ST[OR]MDRA[IN]. Am I being greedy to wish for a second one in the south central portion to balance? Probably.

  2. 1:13:58
    This took me awhile, but once I figured out the rebus (rebi) it went quickly. TOPE is new to me, as is PARENS. I'll bet that Horace didn't like the bible references.... Also, I never heard of M[AR]G[AR]ETF[AR]R[AR]. My favorite rebus answer was CA[ST][ST]HEFIR[ST][ST]ONE since it includes a rebus spread among two words. I'm torn, however, with W[ER]N[ER]KLEMP[ER][ER] since I loved "Hogan's Heroes" so much.