Thursday, June 6, 2013

Thursday, June 6, 2013, James Tuttle


The rebus that wasn't! It's Thursday, and I was sure I had sussed out a rebus, but then the downs always seemed to have two spaces too many. Finally, while Frannie had it in her hands, I realized that Mr. Tuttle wouldn't have said FALLINGOUT (66A: Quarrel... or a feature of five answers in this puzzle) if he hadn't meant it. "They fall!" I shouted. And right under the revealer, as though he were gently mocking us, was ITOLDYOU (68A: "See!"). Very clever.

Pretty clean fill throughout, with only a few clunkers. I never really like ECASH (1D: PayPal funds, e.g.), but I guess it's legit, and it is usually a gimme, so that's nice, at least. CONCEDED (14A: Accepted defeat), ESCAPISM (39D: Much film watching, e.g.), ELDORADO (11D: Conquistador's quest) - all quite nice. Nice clue for ARTICLES (17A: A and others), and Frannie liked seeing one of the lesser-known 18A: Horse-drawn vehicle[s] (LANDAU) being trotted out. Winner for "most interesting clue" was 22A: Lines first used on a pack of Wrigley's gum: Abbr. (UPC). Trivia!

Many nice ASPECTS (58A: Faces) to this puzzle, and quite an enjoyable solve.

- Horace

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  1. 25:--
    (Timed using a clock with no second hand.)
    Yes, it took a short while to get the whole OUT thing, but once I had it the puzzle filled quickly. LANDAU needed the crosses for me, but there wasn't too much difficult here. I originally had SEED instead of SUET, and didn't realize that there were over 2-1/2 million quotations in the OED (!): more trivia to go along with the Wrigley's.

    I'll now comment on last Friday since I've finished that one. Just Thursday and Saturday to go.