Friday, April 4, 2014

Friday, April 4, 2014, 2014, Martin Ashwood-Smith and Joe Krozel


Today we had help from ET59 on this double quad-stack. It was a bit uneven, but many of the 15s are quite nice today. SINGINGTOGETHER (18A: Doing the rounds?) and SACRIFICIALLAMB (58A: One given up for good?) are both clever, and others are perfectly normal. The top and the bottom are the weakest. Frannie and I weren't familiar with ADELAIDESLAMENT (16A: Frank Loesser show tune), but luckily ET59 was.

Lots of names I wasn't familiar with today, like ADAIR (2D: "Love and Death on Long Island" novelist Gilbert) (you know it's obscure when you need to give the first name), LANI (5D: Activist Guinier), SAMMYFAIN (30D: Songwriters Hall of Fame member who wrote "April Love"), SMOOT (56D: Utah senator who co-sponsored a tariff act), and maybe even a few others. And while we're at it, TERNES (3D: Lead-tin alloys)?

EXORCIST (36D: One getting rid of possessions?) was expecially nice, no? And I also liked ELIGIBLE (4D: Unmarried, say).

OK, I'm very tired. That's all I've got.

- Horace


  1. As you might imagine, I'll take a DNF on this. Have I mentioned before how much I dislike quad-stacks? Here are the 15s I like: ADELAIDESLAMENT, which I knew, but not for far too long, SACRIFICIALLAMB, AMIGLADTOSEEYOU. The rest I could do without. I wanted 1A to end in SATELLITES (especially because I had the TES at the end), and that screwed me up for far too long. Here's what I don't like: SAMS, TERNES, ADAIR, TENTER, TARED, TENHOURS (is that even a thing?), ENCE, STER, REI, IDIO (I wanted xeno, which was silly), SBA, LIS, MAS (what a stupid clue), EMI, AZOV, MAPA, LAS, RIMY (?!), RTS. SMOOT I liked due to the Mass Ave Bridge being measured in Smoots. Anyway, the point is, in order to make those quad stacks, you have to sacrifice far too much in quality fill and frankly enjoyment. And it's all your fault, Horace, for making me do all the NYT crosswords.

    Anyway, we're off to Italy, so no entries from me for two weeks!

  2. 1:26:26
    Tough one! SATELLITESTATES had me screwed up for a long time, and I'd never heard of ADELAIDESLAMENT or TERNES (previously mentioned above). I thought that both GASOLINESTATION and ANTSINONESPANTS were good 15s, and I have to say that, although they're difficult and frustrating at times, the solving of these quad stacks is quite satisfying, even with the SACRIFICIALLAMB of the necessary sub-par fill at times. Enjoy your time in Italy, Colum!

  3. As usual, thanks for your reviews!

    Just a quick word to Amory: there were some words you singled out as disliking, I would have used without hesitation in a late-in-the-week puzzle, quadstack, or not. For example, the Sea of Azov is very much in the news right now, being so closely associated with the Crimea (FYI: it's easy to spot right at the very top of the Black Sea). Also, I learned about it in HS geography way back when, so I think it's fair game. EMI I think at one time was the largest record company in the world with lots of huge acts signed. Besides, it was a infamous Sex Pistols song too! Again, I think it's fair game for a puzzle. As for Smoot... hey I'm Canadian and even I've heard of the act he lent his name to. But, I agree with you on some things, I wasn't too happy with TERNES. Also, ENCE and STER are OK, but definitely suck being placed right next to each other.


    -Martin Ashwood-Smith

  4. Thanks for checking in again, Martin! We appreciate it.

    I'd love to see more constructors defending themselves - it's great! Makes the internet seem so much smaller and better!