Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Tuesday, April 29, 2014, Jules P. Markey


So the theme is "Newspaper names in the beginning of phrases, in vertical columns?" OK… Why not, I guess.

That aside, I disliked certain things about this. How common a phrase is 18A: "Parade ____" (REST)? Is that something that's "in the language," as they say? I imagine it's a thing that's sometimes said by a parade marshall, but should we also prepare to see "Close ____" (CABINDOORS)? I think pilots say that sometimes. Perhaps I'm still NEWAT this, and a SANER reviewer would just accept such EMERGENTS and thank their stars for non-JADED fill that can't be entered by ROTE.

On the bright side, there's a better clue for EEL (44A: Unagi, in sushi) today, and COVERALLS (57A: Some work clothes) is a fun word and a fun piece of clothing, and UMAMI (3D: One of the five basic tastes) is tasty. But then we still have HIERO, OSE, ALA, OSA, IRREG, ASSNSORALB, and a few others that are on the VERGE of being a BORE.

Favorite clue: 42A: Stay in the fight? (TRUCE). Most interesting clue: 33D: Cookie that's kosher (OREO). What makes it kosher? Are all cookies kosher?

- Horace

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  1. 16:24
    "Parade Rest" is a common term in the military, and probably for all groups that march. I got it almost right away. And all cookies are not kosher, so that was an interesting bit of trivia. Beyond that, the twin clues of 22A and 23A Trash (WASTE, DIS) were nice. The clue for EEL was good, and I liked seeing "Unagi" in a clue and UMAMI for an answer. 28A Jamie of old TV (FARR) was a nice reminder, or was it? There wasn't much blue, but the puzzle was good regardless. As an aside, I thought that both yesterday's and today's puzzle were harder than a typical Monday and Tuesday.