Sunday, April 27, 2014

Monday, April 28, 2014, Jim Modney


Not a bad Monday offering. The theme seems a little simplistic, but it's clean enough - symmetrical in position and in length of words. And the revealer, BODYDOUBLES (35A: Star stand-ins … or a hint to 17-, 25-, 48- and 58-Across) is kind of cute. 

Got held up in the NE by mistaking "titles" for DEGs (44A: M.A. or M.B.A.: Abbr.) in 10A: Titles for attorneys: Abbr. (ESQS) (tried "llds"), but QUIETED (12D: Shushed) straightened me out. It's quite the Scrabble-y corner, eh? What with QUIETED and SQUEEZED (11D: Hugs tightly) side-by-side. Or should I say "côté à côté?"

In the "things I learned" department we have CAIRN (15A: ____ terrier (dog breed)), and the fact that the ANJOU is a "61A: Winter pear."
Frequent commenter and recent world-traveller Colum should be happy with his possibilities for Italy name-dropping today, with both GELATO (31A: Italian ice cream) and MILANO (45D: Certain Pepperidge Farm cookie), while Huygens will have to content himself with ONADATE, INSERT, and COMENOW.
Decent Monday.

- Horace

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  1. 10:35
    I am content, but what about TOSS (65A Hurl) on that list, too? I liked the two Qs in the puzzle: the one that Horace has already mentioned and the cross of SQUEEZES/AQUI (which I thought that Sue may have been able to get). TOFU (1A Protein-rich food) is a staple in my diet, though I originally thought that maybe meat, which is not, would go in there. There were one or two disappointing clue/answers, such as 23A Snakelike fish (EEL), which I thought was the worst clue for eel in a long time. Overall a fine Monday.