Saturday, May 28, 2016

Saturday, May 28, 2016, Frederick J. Healy


I really enjoy this shape for a grid. There's so much flow between sections, and there are the staggered stacks of 11-letter answers crossing each other in the middle, which allows for some nice sparkle. I've learned from reading Jeff Chen's blog that those triangular sets of black squares makes the construction much easier.

My first solid entry came at 14D. I tried "Andre Agassi", which fit, but I was pretty sure that even in Portuguese, South would start with S (SUL). Thus PETESAMPRAS, which made a lot more sense, because he really did live and die by his serve. RON Rivera was a gimme (he did coach the losing team in the Super Bowl), and with HADST and ROSETEA, I recognized that the 60s sitcom family in 21D was ____MUNSTER, but I couldn't recall her first name.

I worked into the SW corner, where ELOISE was a help (has rawther been a family favorite in this household). I ran into the [Spoiler alert!] Horace referred to yesterday with HANSOLO. It wasn't until I came around the corner here that I found the clue for 31A: 1999 parody featuring the starship Protector (GALAXYQUEST). Not only is that a wonderful entry for the puzzle with all of those fun letters, it's also one of my favorite all-time movies, so the puzzle is a winner in my book, just because of that.

The other longer answers aren't quite as exciting. 34A: What 28 states are (NATOMEMBERS) confused me because I was thinking of various states of this country. HIPHOPMUSIC is straightforward. DELUXEMODEL is good.

1A: Case closer (ZIPPER) is fine, and I like the unexpected straightforwardness of the clue. I give it a B+. ATTELET is entirely unknown to me, so I've learned something new today. Will I remember it, say, three days hence? Hard to say.

I tried RETRead and RETRACk before I got RETRACE. I like 36D: Like many cheeses and tablets (COATED). I wanted it to refer to iPads, but it was not to be.

- Colum


  1. untimed

    Frannie and I passed this one back and forth on the porch. GALAXYQUEST is a favorite of ours, too, of course, and we were quite happy to see it.

    I first tried BEERCup and then BEERkeg before getting BEERCAN. I enjoyed LILYMUNSTER as a boy, and now, in the puzzle, and I liked the clues for RESULT (Fruit) and RUSE (smoke screen). Had DELUXEMOtEL at first, but Frannie hated it, and that D of HADST was the last letter we put in.

    Decent Saturday.

  2. 48:13 (FWOE)
    I erred at STRIPE/GTI, guessing an "o" there. Add me to the GALAXYQUEST fan club. Nice trivia for NEHI. ELOISE is not known to me. I liked NATTY, got SELIG right away, and even filled in PETESAMPRAS with only a few crosses. I also never heard of an ATTELET, although I bet Frannie has. Good Saturday. The HANSOLO development was quite a shock when I watched "The Force Awakens."