Friday, October 6, 2017

Friday, October 6, 2017, Patrick Berry


I am ASHAMED to say it, but I was stymied by what I am calling a matrix of Natix. The number of interconnected names of people, characters, places, and store brands that were unfamiliar to me caused me to FWOE. Well, I suppose it would be more accurate to say that my ignorance caused me to FWOE, but usually, guessable crosses help fill the numerae lacunerae in my knowledge base. Today, no such luck. BARBARAJORDAN was crossed by ACOMA, JULES, and MARIE Callender. ORR and DAWES were also unknown to me, but they weren't part of the FWOE situation.

On a more uplifting note, there were quite a few answers I was both able to figure out and enjoy. My favorite today was 15D. Specatcular rock events? (METEORSHOWERS). I agree. I also smiled at 26D. Green Toyota (PRIUS)

For my money, the south east corner contained the mother lode of quality clue/answer pairs that Mr. Berry seems so adept at. Didn't break down (COPED), Lighter brand (ZIPPO), and Literary lion (ASLAN) - all good. And how about this Delicious item? (REDAPPLE). :)

I also enjoyed Be much tweeted about (TREND) and Smoked, modern-style (VAPED).  On the other hand, 51A. Stretchable cords (TENDONS) - ick.

I was able to drop in TANGO today at 27A. Dance seen in "Evita" thanks to yesterday's puzzle. I'm learning! :)



  1. 11:14
    You guys get all the luck and all the Patrick Berrys. I'm jealous. Although why should I be? I get to solve it either way. REDAPPLE was my favorite.

  2. 15:44 FWTE
    I did not remember ORR and I guessed LEsFENDER, thinking, I guess, of Les Paul. But aside from all that, I enjoyed this one just fine. REDAPPLE was, indeed, excellent. And I tried "minty" first for CUBAN (Like the mojito cocktail). Heh. And TIN reminds me of my favorite tin-lined copper pan. Mmmm.... copper cookware....

  3. 38:04
    I didn't know of this DAWES fellow, and originally dropped DeWEy in, although he'd have been a little young at that point. Also, I knew MOREY Amsterdam, but not how to spell it, so I needed crosses to fill that in correctly. As usual with Berry, a very clean Friday. CATHAIR and MUTTON: gross.