Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Tuesday, October 17, 2017, Jeff Chen


Today's theme targeted a bunch of saps. We get PIGEON, CHUMP, SUCKER, and MARK at the start of three common expressions, and one name. Chump and Sucker are great sounding words, even though one wouldn't want to hear them applied personally.

It seemed a little LOCA to have the revealer be the people who target mugs (CONMEN) rather than the mugs themselves. I also thought it was a little odd to have the revealer as a down, while the theme answers were all acrosses. Have we had that before? Also, does UCONN count as theme material?

I raise my isinglass to 1A Flaky mineral (MICA) and give it a solid a B+.  Other nice fill I draw your ATTN to includes SPORE (15A), GENT (16A), VOODOO (10D), EROICA (11D), ANTONYMS (4D), LIPSYNC (5D), USURPS (45D), and UNDEROOS (37D) because wearing Underoos is fun.

My least favorite today is IBANKER (Pro at building financial worth, slangily). Other entries I had a slight AVERsion to include APCALC (9D), OAS (53D), and BNEG (54D).

Don't take any wooden nickels.



  1. 7:17
    I liked the theme, and yes, back on Thursday, September 21 there was a Down revealer (UEY). It happens occasionally, and I remember that particular one because it was so well hidden down at the bottom of the puzzle. Funny about UCONN. I liked this one fine. CHUMPCHANGE was my favorite themer.

  2. 6:19
    APCALC is just fine, isn't it? But I wholeheartedly agree with IBANKER, since that is never said. QUOVADIS is a bit obscure, but everyone loves an IMAX presentation, LOLA and the EROICA. CCUP is pleasant, especially crossing the classic PORKYS. ANTONYMS was nicely clued (4D Stop and go, e.g.). Fun Tuesday.