Monday, August 20, 2018

Monday, August 20, 2018, Peter Gordon


Today's theme reminded me of Monty Python's excellent Travel Agent sketch: "if you're not at your table spot on seven you miss the bowl of Campbell's Cream of Mushroom soup, the first item on the menu of International Cuisine." Here, of course, instead of soups, we have four international meat entrees: CHICKENKIEV, VIENNASAUSAGES, BEEFWELLINGTON, and LONDONBROIL. Not being a meat eater, I can't really say which is my favorite, but I am pretty sure that sausages are my least favorite. 

There were some nice sides to go with the main course:
"Catch cold?" (NAB)
"Jam ingredient?" (AUTO)
"Sound elicited by a punch in the gut" (OOF)
"Bold type" (DARER) - nice twist. I was thinking of fonts.
"Concert bonuses" (ENCORES)
"Cockamamie" (INANE)
UNSUNGHERO, HOOT, and YOYO added some fine flavor.


On the distasteful side, I'd like to suggest that we all agree not to use the word polyp, Freshwater, or otherwise ever again (HYDRA). Coincidentally, a group of us were making a list on the porch this weekend of topics or phrases no one wanted to hear spoken. We called it "Let's Change the Subject" in honor of Sunday's puzzle theme. I am going to add polyp to the list.



  1. Oh, you are saying HYDRA needs to be clued as "sessile cnidarian", eh?

    Breezed through this one and got all the themers with only a few crosses. Also liked the clue for TACO, speaking of food. Hmm. Good puzzle not to solve while hungry, perhaps.

  2. 3:25
    This was fine, but the answer DARER nearly done it in for me.