Wednesday, August 15, 2018

Wednesday, August 15, 2018, Kathy Weinberg


It occurred to me, once I figured out what was really going on with the theme answers today, that we've seen something very like this before. I'm not going to be able to find it immediately, I don't think, but the "clue in the answer" thing seems awfully familiar. I mention it, though, not to criticize, but to say that I don't mind at all when themes like this are repeated. I didn't recognize it for what it was/is until after I had finished the puzzle, and looking at it now, I see it's really well done. Each "answer clue," as I'll call it, includes "anagram of clue word" & "present verb or adjective meaning rearrange," the placement of the verb alternates from first to last, and the last one also serves as a revealer. Quite a tidy little theme!

In addition to being slow to grok the theme today, some of the clues really gave me a hard time! Like 1A: Midday - I wanted "noon," or maybe even "12noon," and TWELVE required at least four crosses. Maybe five! WEAL, too, required a lot (2D: Prosperity), and I couldn't come up with VECTOR (5D: Airplane course) for quite some time. I wanted "earn" for NET (11A: Bring home), and I was confused by 35D: Institute signed into existence by Thos. Jefferson (USMA) being four letters, because I wanted "uva." Oh well, it all worked out eventually. :)

Great fill is everywhere, and a lot of it side-by-side. Like SMIDGE/MINION/EXCEPT in the SW, and IMPUTE/REAMED/DOGGYBAG in the SE. Very nice.

- Horace


  1. 5:40
    This is great. Basically reverse cryptic crossword clues. I like them better this way. BIPOLARDISORDER is brilliant. Outstanding Wednesday.

  2. Totally agreed that repeating themes is OK. Especially if it is a good one and doesn't become common to the point of cliché.

    WEAL took me a while, although when I got it, it was like, oh yeah, like commonweal. Likewise VECTOR and "what's your vector, Victor?" from Airplane.

    DOGGYBAG took me forever, not because my mind wasn't in that general place, just because I was thinking things like "to go box" (not the right number of letters in that form, but some of the crosses worked with "to go"). Oh, and I'd probably go first for doggie not doggy, although either one is acceptable.

    But yes, great fill including VENEER, WAX, and the ones mentioned in the review. I did have "hip" before JAW on the T. rex skeletal part, but I guess now that I think of it, most parts of a T. rex skeleton are big, so as long as you avoid the hands, probably a lot of things fit that clue decently well.

    20:06 which I guess is slightly slow for me on Wednesday.