Friday, August 31, 2018

Friday, August 31, 2018, Peter Wentz


My first entry today was HARDC (17A: Can opener?)! For once, I was not fooled by that type of question! My second was RADIUM (23A: Subject of Marie Curie's isolation), which seemed a bit of a gimme. And after that, things just seemed to fall into place. Even three, long, unknown people were eventually filled in by crosses - HARTCRANE (2D: "White Buildings" was his first collection of poetry) (I feel I should probably know him), KTOSLIN (5D: Country singer who uses her first two initials), and TANEHISICOATES (51A: MacArthur Fellowship-winning author of "Between the World and Me"). I'm not even 100% sure where to break the letters in that last one.


Fun clues all around today - OYEZ (3D: Court order?), 4D: Support staff (CANE), 28D: Watch words? (SWISSMADE), 49D: Plot element? (ACRE) (You're not fooling anyone!), and 48A: Source of many box office bombs? (WARMOVIE), for example. It's only now that I realize the last one is referring to the kind of bombs that are dropped out of airplanes. I thought at first that Mr. Wentz was insinuating that many war movies were flops!

Of the four long Across answers, my favorite is INTERNETRADIO (53A: Pandora's domain), both for its misdirection, and because I have been enjoying my Christmas gift Pandora subscription quite a bit this year. It's a big transition year for me - I'm both listening to more streaming music, and I'm giving away my extensive LP collection. Twenty-eight-year-old me would be shocked!

Not much junk to ROAR about. Nice trivia in LISA (27D: Toon named after one of Matt Groening's sisters). Decent Friday.

- Horace

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