Friday, September 3, 2021

Friday, September 3, 2021, Brendan Emmett Quigley and Paolo Pasco


Was it actually that tricky? Or did I psych myself out when I saw the Diabolical Duo of B.E.Q. and Paolo Pasco? Either way, for me, it was another HELLCAT of a puzzle. 

1955 DESOTO Firedome

It started like a Saturday, with one or two guesses and some good ol' self recrimination. I've actually watched "I Think You Should Leave," but I couldn't remember the first name TIM. And I guessed PROAM for "Charity bowling event, e.g." even though A. When's the last time you ever even heard of such an event? and B. Name a Pro Bowler. Is Earl Anthony still alive? The answer is no, he died twenty years ago, but he's still the only one I can name. All the bowling I've ever done or seen since then has been "Am-Am," so that clue seemed a little RANDO.

And speaking of RANDO, is this a MEDIABLOG? I mean, the crossword is from a media outlet... and BEERCOOLER? It's just a cooler, that has beer. Hopefully. 

I do like the stacked up ONWHATPLANET and YOULIEDTOME, even though I've never heard of "Return of the Mack," and CLOSEUPMAGIC (Show of hands?) brings me back to the good old days of standing around a busker in Harvard Square, watching intently and still being amazed when he turned up your card. Sleight of hand has always thrilled and delighted me.

When's the last time Vladimir Lenin (APRILTHESES) and ALCOWLINGS showed up together? The latter, one of the many SIDESHOWS of history.

Nice that HOLST crosses ONWHATPLANET, and I chuckled at the clue for EGGO (Brand whose last letter is in the shape of its product). I was also amused by OPERE citato, because believe it or not, the "ablative of place" just came up in my Latin class last night. I know, not that surprising. When doesn't it come up? 

This was one of those grids where I just had to keep working and working, and finishing felt like an accomplishment. INALL, there were more "Congressman Kinzinger" (ADAM) type clues and not enough "Line from a bit?" (REIN) types. Still, I'm glad I finished!

- Horace

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