Wednesday, September 8, 2021

Wednesday, September 8, 2021, Lee Taylor

I lost no time in solving today's puzzle, which has as its theme apt exhortations to various groups to "hurry up." For example, "'Hurry up!' to a dancer?" was SHAKEALEG. Another good one - if a bit of a stretch type-of-person-wise - was "'Hurry up!' to a nitrous oxide user?" HITTHEGAS - apt! My favorite, though, was "'Hurry up! to a zombie?" (LOOKALIVE) - ha!

I very much enjoyed the 'international' flavor of the first row of the puzzle with Chinese provincial capital (LHASA), "Japanese national sport" (SUMO), and "Red felt hat with a tassel" (FEZ). If you looked sharp, you'd also find another world capital farther along in the grid: ("Rwanda's capital" (KIGALI)). I've got to GETCRACKING on memorizing that list!


I've never heard of OPAL glass (translucent ornamental material) or "Play HOB with" as an expression for "make trouble for." When I saw the clue "Semi" at 31A, I thought I was very clever entering "ish" but in this case, the much more literal RIG was wanted. WATT? :)

I liked "Important messenger" as a clue for RNA. "Person giving someone a ring" (BESTMAN) at 39A was a good CAP because it can be read several ways - my first thought was the OLE phone call meaning. "Bad beginning?" (MAL) was a nice QMC, as was the amusing "Figure head?" for CPA

I'm short on time today, so I have to finish post haste. Until tomorrow, dear Readers!


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