Friday, January 21, 2022

Friday, January 21, 2022, Kyle Dolan

A tough Friday for this solver! Nearly twenty minutes, when all was said and done. It was made more stressful by the fact that we're leaving to catch a train in a little while, and I was worried for a bit that I wouldn't finish in time to write a review!


But here we are. I liked pretty much all the long entries. RAISEHAVOC (Be a big-time troublemaker) (raise a fuss also fits...) over EATENALIVE (Swarmed by mosquitos, say) is a nice pair. SCRAPMETAL, THATSAMORE, MAGICCHARMS, BLACKHOLE (One with lots of pull?) (Nice clue), BEARCLAW... that's a lot of nice matieral. And the short stuff wasn't bad either - GALES (Outbursts of laughter), SHROVE (Heard the confession of and absolved, old-style) (So that's what "Shrove Tuesday" is all about!), TURNT (Extremely excited, in modern lingo), RANGY (Having long, thin limbs), and HAUTE (It's high in France) (Hah!) are all nice, unusual answers. It got a little iffy in the center with SEEDY, RACY, SLAG, and BLEAK - YIPES!, but it was all taken with a GRIN. And speaking of humor, how many of you dropped in "Erte" for "Legendary print maker" (YETI)? That was a nice tricky one! And how about "Duck, duck, goose, e.g." for BIRDS. Hah!

No CONS to BELLYACHE about. What's a reviewer to do? :)

- Horace


  1. Really appreciated the clues in this one. And the fill is nice and Friday experience.

  2. BIRDS was bordering on unfair!! I loved this one, which put up stout opposition for 10:44. AUDRELORDE was unknown to me; and I liked how GETSALLAS was basically unparse-able until it was all in from the crossers. Very nicely done!!!

  3. BIRDS was terrific, although, I admit, the repetition of "duck" opens it up to Philbo's charge. Horace, you spotlighted just about all of my favorite aspects. I seem to recall the modern and ridiculous TURNT from a past puzzle, but I love how it is side-by-side with the very archaic adjective AFOOT. I too have never heard of AUDRELORDE. Not even a bit.