Tuesday, January 18, 2022

Tuesday, January 18, 2022, Kate Schutzengel

Another clever, unusual theme today. The revealer THEDOCTORISOUT explains the four odd answers:

TWOINKMINIMUMS (Possible requirements for joining a tattoo club?)
ILLPRACTICE (A healthy person regularly calling in sick, e.g.?)
UMMACHINE (What a nervous public speaker sounds like?)
BEATTOTHEAW (Preceded in commenting on an adorable kitten photo, say?)

As you will have noticed, they are all missing the letters "DR," but they still make sense - sort of - thanks to their wacky clues. The first three are common enough (although I'm pretty sure my father will not be aware of "two drink minimums" - and, well, maybe he doesn't think much about "drum machines" either ...) but "beat to the draw" is not something one hears much. "Beaten to the punch," sure, but this? Still, I was amused by it. Especially UMMACHINE. Hah!


The theme answers stand out today because there are no other answers longer than seven letters. I chuckled at the juxtaposition of SOEXTRA (Really overdoing it, in slang) and IWASHAD ("They conned me!"). One so modern, the other so old. 

TEAMUSA (Olympic group with a red, white and blue insignia) always tricks me. I think of "America," then I see it doesn't work with crosses, and I start thinking of Russia, France, the Netherlands, etc. But then it's us after all! And I can't believe how long it took me to get STACKS (Library area). I work in a library, but all I could think of was "reading room," "circulation desk," and "book return." Sigh.

But really, I enjoyed this one. It's a fine Tuesday.

- Horace

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  1. Just ask your father about that "beat to the draw" thing. It's like a cliché, I think in Westerns.

    That might have been my favorite themer just because BEATTOTHEAW is just so silly (yet recognizable in its own way).

    Nice to see a puzzle trying to be current with SOEXTRA rather than a celebrity I haven't heard of. At least someone who has never heard the phrase "so extra" would have a fighting chance rather than wondering "what's more likely, anne or anna" or all those "well it is a name but that's all I know" clues.