Thursday, January 27, 2022

Thursday, January 27, 2022, Lewis Rothlein and Jeff Chen

The tenor of this solve was quite different from yesterday's: unlike my esteemed co-bloggers Horace and Colum, I have no musical knowledge to sustenuto myself in these situations. I did recognize that the symbols in today's grid related to music, but I didn't know exactly what they meant. I thought I had it figured out with NOWH:EREW:E [NOWWHEREWEREWE] but on further examination I found I didn't have the right key and had to moderato my approach. Imagine the trill when I finally did figure it out with RO:MATO:ES (or ROMATOMATOES)! To be more expressivo, the trick is to REPEAT the letters within the marks to produce the whole ensemble. 

As it happens, the motif wasn't the most difficult partita for me. I hit some serious ritardando in the northeast corner thanks to the quartet of tricky clues "Round houses?" (PUBS), "It can be a show-stopper" (REMOTE), "It's measured in feet, not inches" (POEM - another of my weak spots!) , and the surprising UNDOSEND for "Action after a change of mind." I was a little confused by TAR for "Gob" but I looked it up and lo and behold, both can mean "one who operates or navigates a sea going vessel" - major surprise! I also had a little trouble with the answer to "Certain amenities for first-class passengers." Who knew they had arm *and* LEGRESTS? Humoresque, non? :)  

Other high notes included the clue "Preceder of ski or midi" for APRES, "Some long-term plans, in brief" (IRAS), and "Something well-placed?" for OILRIG.

In sum, nowhere near prestissimo today, but con brio.



  1. You're on a roll, Frannie! Why not take all of February to keep it going. :)

    I recognized the symbols immediately, but it didn't seem to help me as much as I thought it would. I had similar slowdowns in the NE, and for some reason, RO:MATO:ES took me forever.

    And hey, speaking of things being measured in feet not inches - how about that snowstorm they're predicting for the weekend for Boston? Will it be a lot of BIGTALK by forecasters, or should we be getting ready for some APRES ski? We shall see...

  2. Encore, Frannie!

    What I learned: UNDO SEND. And, after looking it up, it looks like it's not all it's cracked up to be.

    Guess it's time to hunker down for snowmageddon!

  3. I was just amazed that there were theme answers containing sets of repeating letters like that.

    After I'd gotten a few of the themers I made it in down to the revealer and it seemed sporting to offer that because not everyone would be equally musical.

    Agreed that the northeast was tough. I mean I had the idea of poetic feet but I was trying to cram in "iamb" which doesn't really make sense (even before looking at the crosses) and similar missteps throughout that corner until I eventually got it.