Monday, January 24, 2022

Monday, January 24, 2022, John Guzzetta

Today's review is going to a bit like QUICKBREAD - it won't have time to rise before baking. Horace and I are in NYC even as I type, but we must head off to parts east very soon.
When we got back to the hotel room after last night's activities, we put the football game on. It had an exciting finish, but I think the NFL should re-think its tie break rules. It's too bad, IMHO, that so much depends on a coin flip. But, that's not why I called you here. While we did not see the game BEGIN, I believe the STARTINGQBs were the same as the ending QBs in the game, which is different from the puzzle theme. :) The four theme answers are two word phrases that start with the letters Q and B. My favorite is QUILTINGBEE, but in another puzzle coincidence, we had a QUEENBED in our hotel room along with an industrial tub - kidding! No sign of a QUADBIKE all weekend.

I liked "Drains of strength" for SAPS. I also liked SEQUIN and HUGGABLE. I like the word MINGLE, even though I'm not a big fan of the activity itself. Overall, good CA/Ps were QUITE bountiful, making the whole thing a fun PURSUIT


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  1. Enjoyed the puzzle a lot and didn't see what was coming until the reveal. Nice! And wonderful TAKES TEA, for example. Frannie, I'm with you on the NFL's OT rule, sheesh. Hey, nice ELLA picture!