Wednesday, January 26, 2022

Wednesday, January 26, 2022, Michael Schlossberg

If my solve time is anything to go by, I would say that Michael Schlossberg and I see eye to eye. I finished today's puzzle quick as a wink - for me - 6:28. 

As I solved, I payed scant attention to the circled letters, and only realized at the end that they represented a traditional eye chart. I say traditional because when I had my eye exam last October, my eye doctor told me they are mixing it up these days so people don't try to memorize the chart (that's a NONO). I did remember that there's a big E at the top of the chart, but if it hadn't been for the 'message' part of the theme CONGRATULATIONS ONPASSINGYOUR EYETEST, I'm not sure I would have seen the light.


There were a few clues that I thought hit the bull's eye including "Site of a legend" (MAP) and "Coaster" for SLED. The clue "Place to nosh on a knish" (DELI) had a nice ring to it. I thought "End of a college valedictorian's address?" (EDU) was funny, and PATS for "Caresses" amused me, but the apple of my eye was OUI for "Paris accord?" LOL.

CUSP is nice. UPONE out of context is surprising. And how about this double vision? "Member of the Rat Pack?" (DINO) and "Member of the ratite pack?" (EMU) - ha!

And speaking of eyes, what about a puzzle theme "I only have i's for u? Maybe it would have to be, "I only have i's for u's." Could that work? Anyone? 


And p.s. how about this apt reference in the puzzle? Apt!

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  1. This was fun and really zippy (3:17), but would have been cooler if the eye test had spelled out a cleverly related word or phrase....