Friday, July 12, 2013

Friday, July 12, 2013, Matt Ginsberg


Frannie really ought to be writing this, as she broke the code, which allowed us to finish the NE corner that had been holding us back. "KEY/PURE/ICE/UNDER/OWED." Nice. It reminds us of a story one of my brothers brought back from college one day called "Ladle Rat Rotten Hut," (Look! We included a link!) which is the story of "Little Red Riding Hood" told by using completely different words. I looked and looked at the three answers we had - KEY, UNDER, OWED - but nothing made any sense. Only, I guess, after Frannie got DRIVERS (44D: Those who should follow the advice in the sounded-out answers to the five starred clues), did she put it all together. And getting PURE (22A: *100%) and ICE (*Water cooler) really blew that corner apart.

The rest of the puzzle went pretty quickly. I threw in JUSTADROP (1A: "Not much at all for me, please"), JACKPOT (1D: Something good to hit), and SWISSALPS (39A: Skiing mecca) without hesitation. LAZYSUSAN (67A: Revolutionary invention for restaurants?) and CRANKCASE (17A: What gets the shaft?) took a little longer, but the payoff was worth it. We wanted "war torn" for WARWORN (40D: Like Europe in 1945), but the W obviously had to be in OWED for 55A: *Had charges. I also put in "weaker sex" at first, but was happy to change it for GENTLESEX (34A: Women, old-fashionedly) when my error became obvious.

Funny to have NODOZ (53D: Cramming aid) in two days in a row, and there was a bit of technical stuff we didn't know, like DICOTS (6D: Daisies and the like, botanically) and AGOUTIS (12D: Relatives of guinea pigs), but they all worked themselves out. It's lucky I remembered TSR (25A: Co. that introduced Dungeons & Dragons) from earlier puzzles. I played the game in the early '80s, but I never would have thought to think who put it out back then. Games were either from Milton Bradley or Avalon Hill, as far as I was concerned.

Overall, a decent Friday. Somewhat odd to have a theme, of sorts, and maybe a tad on the easy side, but decent.

- Horace

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  1. DNF
    Not easy for old Huygens, here. I didn't break any code and gave up after an hour of staring at a depressingly sparsely-filled puzzle.