Friday, July 19, 2013

Friday, July 19, 2013, Patrick Berry


I was actually looking forward to the themelesses more than usual this week, and this one didn't disappoint. It fell a little easily, perhaps, but it was fun while it lasted.

Threw in APPIANWAY (16A: Road built during the Samnite wars) immediately (old road = Appian Way). I learned not too long ago that that road was built by a guy named Appius, hence, his road. Who knew? I guess I always thought it was the name of a place, or a battle, or something besides just being an eponym. What next? Someone named Colosseus?

Anyway, it seemed to be right in our wheelhouse. Even things like EPAULET (7D: Uniform ornament) came to mind easily. I'm not a smoker, but CAMEL (26A: Joe who was retired in 1997), also went right in. Put in "Pink" at first for 38A: What the name "rhoda" means. I might have reached a point where I have too much Latin... but it was corrected soon enough. (And besides, it still didn't help me with SINEDIE (37D: How Congress might adjourn). I know what it means, but I didn't know it had a use in that context.) Also corrected somewhat easily (by Frannie) was my initial thought for 54A: "Don't decide right away" ("ThinkONIT).

After one pass through the acrosses and downs, I handed it over to Frannie. When I got it back, it was more than half done, and all that was left for me were things like TARHEELS (6D: Five-time N.C.A.A. basketball champs from the A.C.C.), and the somewhat odd TINCT (9D: Add color to).

Lots of great long stuff (ABREAST, CRUMBLE, HASBEEN, HYMNALS...), and plenty of nice cluing (18A: Game ender, possibly (RAINSTORM)). And did you notice that "Mt. Olympus" fits for 56A: Titan's home (TENNESSEE)(!)? Very nice.

STANDEE (2D: One who's unseated?) was a tiny bit of an eye-roller, but other than that, and really, even with that, this was great.

- Horace

p.s. Remember yesterday when I said that sometimes the daily puzzle and the syndicated end up being by the same constructor? Well, it happened again today!


  1. 20:54
    Very easy for a Friday. Nice to see ABEVIGODA in there, and I just checked his website ( and he is...ALIVE! Also it's always nice to see a quote from BEETHOVEN (28D "Music should strike fire from the heart of man, and bring tears from the eyes of woman" speaker. I believe this may be record time for me.

  2. You know, I almost mentioned ABEVIGODA, and if I had I would definitely have said "He's gotta be dead by now, right?" Sorry, Abe.

    And yes, very nice time! I thought ours was fast!

  3. Yes, satisfying solve and somewhat fun, but way too easy for a Friday. This is another one that I finished--TMI alert!!--on the toilet. Like Horace and Huygens, much was in my wheelhouse: knew HUTCHISON, ACHEBE, ABEVIGODA, TENNESSEE, TARHEELS, and several shorter ones immediately. Should have had APPIANWAY sooner, but I thought at first it had only one P. IDBRACELET was tricky; I kept wanting VanHalen, or something. Maybe we're just too smart!