Saturday, July 27, 2013

Saturday, July 27, 2013, John Lieb and David Quarfoot


Finished a little fast for a Saturday, perhaps, but this was a decent, interesting grid. Some nice, contemporary fill like, HUGITOUT (40A: Resolve a bromance spat, say), NUFFSAID (32A: "No need to go on"), and PIECEOFWORK (10D: Difficult sort). We would have preferred "Cut class" to SKIPCLASS (64A: Emulate Ferris Bueller), but we still like the Bueller reference.

Our friend Huygens has expressed the opinion that the NYT puzzle is often a little racy, and he shouldn't be disappointed today with SEXTED (23A: Turned on a friend, maybe?) (!), and GSPOT (46D: Sensitive subject?) (and SHAG, if you ignore the clue).

Enjoyed STARKLY (37A: Without embellishment) and PASSE (10A: Out). Had "Le Car" at first where PINTO (58A: 1970s subcompact) belonged (OK, maybe the Le Car was more an '80s thing), and "corpse" went in first instead of the less grotesque CORDON (42A: Crime scene sight).

Some tired crossword standbys made appearances today, too, like SERE, APER, ALOES, and my least favorite today, EERS.

INALL, we enjoyed it, but we expect to be challenged a little more on a Saturday. Now what am I going to do with the rest of the morning? Chores?!

- Horace


  1. Unknown time, but finished 8-14-2013 (I got behind). However, I agree that this seemed easy for a Saturday. I thought that the clue for APER was good (2D Parrot). And I did, indeed, enjoy all of the racy answers, though I didn't include SHAG in there (but do now). 59A Member of a medical minority (MALENURSE) hung me up a bit since I was thinking of victims, not workers. I learned something: ITHACA being the 30A Destination in the "Odyssey." I've not read that yet, though I've read and loved the Iliad (common crossword answer).

  2. Glad you finished this one. We knew you'd enjoy it!