Sunday, July 21, 2013

Sunday, July 21, 2013, Artful Thinking by Tracy Bennett

It took us a little while to figure out the very enjoyable theme. Based on the title of the puzzle, Frannie thought we'd see the letters ART used in the long answers somehow, but the puzzle was much more artful, or, perhaps more literally, artistful than that. SMOKEANDMIROS was the first to fall, and reveal the theme. Then, I got a little carried away with 89A, as I somewhat hopefully mispelled Seurat's name as Serat so that I could enter QUESERATSERAT, but Horace quickly put the kibosh on that idea and we ended up with QUESERASEURAT (89A. Artist's expression for "Such is life"?), which is still pretty nice. :) When I entered HEREWEGAUGUIN all I could say is, yes please!

In the fill, I think there was something for everyone, from 32A. Prescription pain medication (PERCOCET) through 72A. Atlantean superhero of DC Comics (AQUAMAN) to EVITA (16D. "On This Night of a Thousand Stars" musical).  I thought there was very little crosswordese to metaphorically OSSIFY the brain (94D. Turn to bone). I also wondered somewhat idly if NOBALLS (93A. Part of an umpire's count) goes beyond crossword answer and into the realm of commentary. Discuss.

I liked NOAH for 118A. Rain man?  and 52A. How you might do something gross (ONADARE), but the real art was in those theme answers. HELLODALI (68A. Artist's favorite Broadway musical?) is a true masterpiece, am I right?



  1. 1:27:16
    You're right. Excellent themed clues and answers. Discuss NOBALLS? I starred that one TO discuss it. The given clue for that answer would be one that I'd probably never have come up with, being of a mind that would have taken a different approach. I also enjoyed the WOF-themed 51A What Mississippi cheerleaders ask for a lot (ANI). On the whole, once I figured out the theme it went pretty quickly, but it was a slow start. (I'm still working on the Saturday puzzles for the past two weeks.)

  2. Darn. My whole comment just got deleted. Suffice it to say I enjoyed the seven and eight letter answers throughout the puzzle, that AMAJ gets a shout out from me for the Schubert Trout quintet, a lovely piece, and that I thought Frannie's sister would enjoy the theme answers especially.