Thursday, July 4, 2013

Thursday, July 4, 2013, Barry Franklin and Sara Kaplan


This one fell very quickly after the main theme was sussed out. I had thought it might have a patriotic bent, and when 57A: Date on which 17-, 24-, and 36-Across died (THEFOURTHOFJULY) came along, well, it wasn't too much trouble to figure out the rest.

I brazenly put in fIEf for 15A: A title may come with one, but LIEN was a better answer. It was also nice to be reminded of TUSCANY (41A: Birthplace of the Italian Renaissance), where we spent two lovely weeks last year at just about this time. 45A: Pump for a heart, e.g. (ANALOGY) was a nice one, and 11D: Pilot's place (GASRANGE) had me stumped right up until the end.

Frannie knew EDWARDI (27A: English king nicknamed Longshanks) right off the bat, which also helped.

In all, it seemed very easy for a Thursday, but maybe Will's figuring that many people are off today, and they might think of trying the puzzle, so he doesn't want to scare them away. But honestly, who's going to leave the barbecue to go in and get the puzzle? Probably not many people.

- Horace

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  1. I'd leave the BBQ for a puzzle. I, too, was stumped on GASRANGE, but not much else. I was shocked at how fast this puzzle fell, expecting a much tougher offering for a Thursday as well. I thought of AMBIEN right away and was surprised that it was correct. I always enjoy a reference to NASH and a FIFTH, for that matter, and I learned that ONELAP is 400 meters in the Olympics.