Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Wednesday, July 17, 2013, Robyn Weintraub


A fairly easy puzzle made somewhat more challenging by the quote.

My favorite clue: 46A: Horse race rarity (TIE). What an odd and wonderful way to clue that. Also enjoyed 61A: Flee via ladder, stereotypically (ELOPE).

Never heard of 14A: Yma Sumac's homeland (PERU) (well, I've heard of the homeland, obviously...) or 21D: Dover ____ (SOLE). And ODOR (45D: Reminder that the laundry needs doing) is a little too gross for my tastes.

Full disclosure, Frannie did most of this one. She didn't even need me to help out with VOLVO (27D: Car make whose name means "I roll" in Latin). Perhaps she'll chime in someday to say how she liked it.

- Horace

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  1. 16:25
    Well, here I go, starting here and going back to July 6!
    Yes, this was fairly easy. It's one of those that I was able to finish online prior to work. I'd never heard the featured version of that rhyme (POLLENISBADFOR MYALLERGIES ACHOO), but filled it in easily enough. I thought the G&S reference in 6D was nice, but thought 39D Preserved like Lenin EMBALMED to be a bit icky. I suppose I'll have to go see that sometime, though I thought that I heard recently that it was either covered or moved. Strange that Frannie didn't need to tap your Latin expertise.