Friday, March 28, 2014

Friday, March 28, 2014, David J. Kahn


This grid put up very little resistance as we worked on it in unison last night. We started with the Down clues, and after getting a few of those, the fifteens all fell easily. Then it was just a matter of filling in.

Didn't know KLEBAN (24A: "A Chorus Line" lyricist Ed) or what (32D) year the Angels won the World Series (MMII), and TRILBY (47D: English hat similar to a fedora) sounded familiar only after it was filled in, but those things mattered little today. We enjoyed seeing ALEXANDERCALDER (61A: Mobile creator) in there… he's always a favorite. And that's a very different clue for ALI (34A: Iran's Ayatollah ____ Khamenei)! We didn't know that either.

Never saw the movie referred to in the mini-theme, but Frannie remembered CAPTAINPHILLIPS after I remembered SOMALIPIRATES, so that went well, too. Heck, I even remembered ARA (28A: Constellation described by Ptolemy)! He described a lot of them, but only a few have made it into the crosswords I've seen.

As for enjoyment factor - well, I didn't love the cross-referenced EST/ARR/ETAS nonsense, and ATRA, EPEE, ERST, ELAN, IRES (plural - blah), and YSER are all seen rather too often. One of Frannie's least favorite entries also made an appearance - ENOTE (12D: Modern message), and while I'm grousing, I might as well add that I prefer the "ae" spelling of ETHER (46A: Upper regions of space).

On an up note, my BLUECHIPS (3D: Relatively low-risk investments) made something like 40% last year, so I'm happy about that.

Overall, 7D: Meh (SOSO).

- Horace

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  1. 49:31
    Wow! That's a good return for blue chips. Anyway, I had a few trouble spots, but nothing insurmountable. I also prefer aether to ether. I had ORLANDOSuNTImEs in there for a little bit, which caused a few problems, but it worked itself out rather quickly for a Friday, I thought, so it's all just fine. The BUMMERS/BEFORE cross had tricky clues, for me, anyway. I don't mind the crosswordese too much, but I agree that its use should be more limited on F/S.