Sunday, March 16, 2014

Sunday, March 16, 2014, Jeremy Newton



Is it? I'm not so sure. ICERUN (10D: Spring river breakup) is that a thing? AGUAS (44A: Glassfuls in restaurantes), umm… ok. URIM (66D: ____ and Thummim (sacred Judaic objects)? If you say so. ENTHUSE, AEGISES, RARER, EXFED, RSTU … blah.

I liked EPHEMERA (74D: Things for here and now), ROMCOMS (40D: "Clueless" and "Bridget Jones's Diary"), OMINOUS (61D: Like gathering storm clouds), ADAMSALE (115A: Water, wryly) (Dad likes to call it that), and a few others, but the theme did little for me, and I really hated certain sections. Kind of a let-down after yesterday, but that's no surprise.

- Horace


  1. Untimed. Didn't love it, but there were some reasonable parts (LONGU, STEEPED, MGMLION, SICEM). The clue for RSTU was good. I disagree that "Something LOL-worthy" could be designated AHOOT. If you're going to go with a digital age clue, you can't end up with an Eisenhower era answer. I was really stuck with XERXESIOFPERSIA when I had XERXESIO-------. I assumed it was going to be some Greek eponymic that was only known to scholars, which was a little silly given it's a Sunday puzzle. I wish the SICK-- and --WELL had managed to hide the words in cleverer answers. I also wish I'd had the time yesterday to devote to solving the Saturday puzzle - I got a few answers in but had to run before I could work on it any more, and never got back to it.

  2. 1:14:06
    This one seemed clunky to me, though I did like SOLVEFORX just fine, as well as WINERY (though the clue made the answer obvious (14D Part of a Napa Valley tour)). I agree with Colum on RSTU: that took longer than it should have to fill in. Also, GROUCHOMARXMUSTACHE was a nice long answer, and something we don't think about often enough. Colum, I just hold onto the puzzles and work on them when I have time. Maybe you could solve the Saturday puzzle on some of the faster days, like Monday. I'll be commenting on the Saturday and Friday puzzles next. I had a busy weekend and couldn't get to them until today. Horace doesn't seem to mind too much.