Saturday, March 1, 2014

Saturday, March 1, 2014, Ian Livengood & J.A.S.A. Crossword Class


After yesterday (and even without taking yesterday into consideration), this felt more like a Wednesday than a Saturday. Put in LABAMBA (1A: 1987 #1 hit with the line "Yo no soy mariner, soy capitán") without much hesitation, and went steadily on from there. Frannie and I did this "as one" with her looking over my shoulder as I typed in the answers, which always seems to make them go more quickly.

We enjoyed KTHXBYE (18A: Curt chat closing), and ATAVIST (8A: Throwback) was a tricky one. SNAKEBITTEN (35A: Subjected to venomous attacks?) seemed a little random, and I dislike both the clue and the answer for LENSMAN (43D: Photog). I would not like to be called either, thank you. But there was probably more good than bad in here. Some clever clueing - 59A: Sack dress? (PAJAMAS) and 28A: One's own worst critic? (SUPEREGO), for example.

Never heard of BATE (3D: Moderate), ASHANTI (10D: Ghanaian region known for gold and cocoa) only rang a faint bell, and I learned from the Crossword Fiend (sidebar) that ARTE (7D: Danza, e.g.) is Italian for art, as "danza" is for dance. Ahhh… Also, somehow Frannie knew UNCLE (40A: Pawnbroker, in slang), which helped a lot in the middle.

A decent, if quick, Saturday.

- Horace


  1. 42:05. Man, I thought this one was going to go fast as I had the middle third of the puzzle done in under ten minutes. BOOKCLUBS was a quick entree. But I got bogged down on each of the corners. Thank God I had Cece to help out: she nailed PAJAMAS, TMOBILE, and FISHNET! Hope gave me PADTHAI and SISENOR, and Phoebe shouted out VEX from across the room. A real whole family endeavor. Things I liked: GOOGLEGLASS (Modern device seen on a bridge), as well as RETWEET and KTHXBYE on the same line, no less. A NYT puzzle in the 21st century! Must have something to do with the Crossword Class.

  2. Love to hear about the family effort!

  3. DNF
    The NE was a hot mess for me. NEBULA went right in, but the KTHXBYE and SISENOR wasn't happening. The rest wasn't bad. I worked on it for 71:11 before TITT. My favorite technology clue was 42A Modern device seen on a bridge (GOOGLEGLASS).