Sunday, March 16, 2014

Monday, March 17, 2014, John Lieb


Nice vowel progression puzzle. Was cruising along nicely and suddenly came upon 56A: Burma's first prime minister (UNU). Hah! I panicked briefly when I couldn't think of GUISE (49D: False front), and I put in "floor" for AISLE (63A: Most accessible seating choice), so everything was a mess down there for a while. Well, ok, probably ten or twenty seconds, but on Monday, those seconds add up!

I don't know about the disturbing sub-theme of the LUSTY (52D: Robust), SEDUCTIVE (11D: Alluring) FANTASIES (37D: Excursions to la-la land) about JIMPALMER's (34D: Orioles Hall-of-Fame pitcher who modeled Jockey underwear) DRESSCODE (4D: Casual Friday relaxes it), but, well… I SPOSE (53D: "Assuming it's true …," informally) I'll AVOID (33D: Steer clear of) comment on that.

Decent Monday.

- Horace


  1. 4:31. Some day I'll get below 4 minutes on a Monday, but I don't know. How much time is lost just using the mouse? OTOH, how much time is gained not having to search for the clues? Maybe I should time it out on paper. Nice to get all six vowels involved in our G-M progression. Don't love IDE, but otherwise no real groaners. AERIE fooled me for a few seconds: I wanted eyRIE. Some very nice groups of 5-letter answers, like in the SE (LOFAT, LUSTY, SPOSE). Very nicely done Monday overall.

  2. 7:32
    GOMERPYLE was nice to see in there, as well as FREDO. A clean puzzle overall. I groaned only on CAN (28A Pringles container).