Sunday, March 23, 2014

Sunday, March 23, 2014, Ian Livengood



So is it some Edison anniversary? The theme is thick today, with lots of quote, name (without the oh-so-crosswordsy middle name), nickname, hidden light bulb shape, circled "Aha moment," and even a plus sign in the middle, signifying, at least to one, energy itself. That's a lot! And the fill didn't suffer too much. It was, however, somewhat less than an enthralling solve. That could, however, be somewhat due to the fact that Frannie and I solved this in the car, on the second day of a long road trip, after a night spent tossing and turning in a hotel. So, we were a little tired.

Is EOS (7A: Sister of Helios) part of the theme? because she represents the coming light of day? No, probably not.

I don't know, maybe I'm just out of sorts. Things I might normally think were clever, like 42A: Sticks in the closet? (MOPS), and 68A: Couple at the altar? (IDOS) (ok, that one might be a stretch even on a good day), I didn't think much of today. And what is LEDES (58D: Starts of news articles)? Why isn't it "leads?"

I'll say again, it's an impressive amount of fill. Let's leave it at that. It's not you, Ian, it's me. I need some sleep.

- Horace


  1. Hope and I solved this one together, which made it fun! Untimed. I liked the non-theme long fill the best: DNAMOLECULE, SESAMEBAGELS, CHICAGOBULLS, OPENCIRCUIT (that last one feels like it should be part of the theme also). The constructor used the same style clue for NFLSOUTH and NBA ("home" of a professional sports team), which I don't love. And what's with "Ones without a leg to stand on?" being OCTOPI (24D). Surely they have legs. Is it just that they can't stand because they're in the water? Is it because (as Cece suggests) it's that they don't have "a leg," they have eight legs? I'm not sure I buy either one. That being said, the density of theme was well executed, and I agree that the fill is pretty good. MOTET was a pleasant answer rather than fugue for Old Poppy Bach's compositional form.

  2. 1:43
    I, too, enjoyed seeing MOTET in there. 103A Barrel of fun? (KEG) was also good. OCEAN (5D View that may cost you extra) has a personal attachment since Sue and I often book that sort of room. MOES Tavern makes another appearance, and it took far too long, again, to get ZED (98D One oftwo parts of a British puzzle? This seemed a little more difficult than some Sundays, but it was certainly enjoyable.

  3. I didn't particularly love the OCTOPI clue either. Maybe it's just that they don't "stand," but really, I have seen video of them walking across tables. That wasn't exactly "standing," but they were supporting themselves with their legs. And really, I wouldn't be at all surprised if Octopi could stand erect on their legs. They can do everything else. Well, except speak or communicate with humans, unfortunately.

    And OMG, I just now understood the "One of two parts of a British puzzle?" clue. I was all set to ask you both what the other word in the puzzle's name was, when I saw the two Zs (ZEDs) in the word puzzle. Dammit! When will I learn? When?!