Sunday, March 9, 2014

Monday, March 10, 2014, Kelly Clark


I liked this one just fine. Simple theme, TOOLBOX (40A: Handyman's tote), with four symmetrical tens pinwheeling around the grid, each ending with a tool name. Nice.

I don't know Nicholas Gage or his memoir (ELENI), and SEAEEL (20A: Sushi fish) is a new one, too, at least to me. I suppose they're different from river and/or lake eels? But isn't "eel" enough? HAHAS (43A: Big laughs) seem a little more like regular laughs (guffaws? yucks? howls?) but, well, that's fine. All over the place there's crosswordsy-type stuff - OBIS, ILIEOTT, EKED, STEN, SSTS, ELLS, SRTA, but, well, it's Monday, and I'm still going to ENDON (24A: ____ a happy note).

I liked PROXY (26D: Authorized substitute) and STIFFS (48D: Doesn't leave a tip), and you know what? I even liked TENKS (13D: Marathon warm-up races), although I think you'll need a little more than a 10K before you run a marathon.


- Horace


  1. 6:43
    Yes, a 10K wouldn't cut it for marathon training. I didn't like some of the stuff in here, like HAHAS (no good). SEAEEL is, of course, what is served as sushi (I'm pretty sure nothing from non-salt water is ever served). Isn't this the second puzzle in a row that includes GOOGLE? I liked INDIA/INK being related and one right over the other.And the new-fangled TIVO being mentioned, and here I am having just finished watching my VCR-taped Judge Judy episodes. Finally, the HAN Solo mention was nice so soon after Sue and I visited the Star Wars exhibit at The Tech Museum in San Jose.

    1. Whoops. I guess the other Google mention was on Saturday (GOOGLEBOT). I'm commenting backwards.

  2. 4:23. Thought I was going to break the four-minute mark on this one, but no such luck. Of course I had no idea what the theme was because I was pushing through as fast as I could, but it's well put together. I liked BALLETS, ATONAL, and PROXY. Don't like SEAEELL, although all those vowels in a row look cool. To balance out TIVO, you have STEN. Yuck. Overall a good Monday.