Monday, March 31, 2014

Monday, March 31, 2014, Robert Crillo


Nowhere near the four-minute mark today, but I enjoyed the slightly more challenging Monday. The "Ma and Pa" (could have been "Ma and Par," but that doesn't make any sense…) theme was fine, and the extra-long (for a Monday?) theme entries were all quite good. I've heard the name MACARTHURPARK (42A: *1978 #1 Donna Summer hit that covered a 1968 #2 hit by Richard Harris) a lot in my life, but I couldn't have told you that either one of those people had sung it, nor can I sing any of it myself. I'm guessing I might recognize it, but I cannot conjure it out of nothing. Also, is it a little weird to you that the first (MASQUERADEPARTY (18A: *Where Romeo and Juliet meet)) and last (MARDIGRASPARADE (58A: *New Orleans event with floats)) theme entries seem somewhat related? No? OK.

The longer non-theme stuff is quite good today, too. BARBARELLA (10D: 1968 Jane Fonda sci-fi film), INQUEST (4D: Official investigation), and STORMSURGE (26D: Rise of seawater that might accompany a hurricane) are all solid. Sure, there's a little too much "A-something" (AFAR, ANAP, ADUE…), but overall, this is a fine Monday.

- Horace


  1. 5:49. I tried all downs, but it didn't help. Never mind that I entered MeSSAGEPARLiR, or iNAPT. The puzzle was definitely a cut above typical Monday fare. Nice EXHUSBAND and URSAMAJOR. The MODELT was a nice quote as well. Fine start to the week!

  2. Horace, you made it into the puzzle! My favorite entry was STORMSURGE, since I gave that name to one of the meets I directed for the Hopkins Hurricanes. Agree with the general sentiment that this was quite good and a little harder than the average Monday. I did it in 7:18. Ho, did you fill in the Born Free lioness immediately this time?? I hope so. At the risk of being declared a SOUSE, I am now going to DECANT a PINOT. Well, not really, but since I'm on spring break, I believe I will crack open the La Finca cab I picked up today.

  3. 6:37
    I liked finally seeing HORACE in the grid, too. BARBARELLA was a nice reference, etc., etc. It's been all said above. Ours was a dry weekend (relatively), so I look forward to what ET59 says on this weekend coming up, maybe.

  4. I can't believe I forgot to mention that I was in it! I got that immediately, too!