Sunday, October 30, 2016

Sunday, October 30, 2016, Caleb Madison


It's a one-note theme (aren't they all?), but this seems even more one-note than most. I was confused at first, because I thought 23A: "Fine, see if I care!" (BETHATWAY) was part of the theme. When I saw the revealer clue, I looked at the beginning of that answer and wondered if there would be hidden women's names. And then I realized it wasn't a starred clue, so...

Anyway, I hadn't figured out the revealer, but had many of the starred answers filled in, so I figured it was going to be about big cats in some way. So the revealer made me chuckle, but then it wasn't so interesting any more.

So. MACOPERATINGSYSTEMS. All used to be named after large felines. Now they're all named after things at Yosemite National Park. In each theme answer, the cat name does not refer to the actual animal, but is used in another context. They were fine, just kind of blah. The CHEETAHGIRLS was the only one I'd not heard of, but it looks like I had no reason to, and no further interest at this point to learn more.

There's a cute addition to the theme at 15D: Tech help station (GENIUSBAR), which you'd find in an Apple store. Otherwise a few good answers included ENSCONCES, MOTHRA, and EMMASTONE. I did not like LBARS, YRS (and what a silly clue too), ALER, and SANELY. This last is an adverb that no one has ever used.

I am mixed on TEAMJACOB and DENIERS. I don't want to celebrate Twilight, but the answer is fun. The latter has clear negative connotations, both literally and in reference to people whose heads are in the sand with respect to global warming.

What do people think of the clue for 97D: One plus one? (ELEVEN)? It's not correct in any mathematical system, and just as a literal description of 11, it comes up short, in my opinion.

1A: One talking on the phone, nowadays? (SIRI) is okay. I give it a B. I was thinking of "old-timer", "retro", "hopelessly passé". Both of my children nearly have a panic attack at the thought of having to talk with anyone on the phone, even friends they've known for years. My first answer was the unfortunate 1D: Kemo ____ (SABE).

- Colum


  1. I chuckled at the "One plus one" clue after I got the answer through crosses, so I guess I liked it better than you did. I also chuckled when I figured out the theme. I think I might actually have found the somewhat limited theme refreshing on a Sunday. Too often these big grids just seem to have so much theme in them. I know that sounds crazy, doesn't it? But still, it's true.


  2. 41:28
    A bit fast for a Sunday. Maybe, given the last few Sunday times I've gotten, I'll have to rethink my requirements. Maybe between 40-60 minutes. Anyway, ELEVEN is ridiculous, and I didn't love the theme. Favorite answer: 62A Lush (WINO), because I was thinking of "lush" as in a jungle or garden. MORONI crossing BNAI is amusing.