Sunday, December 4, 2016

Sunday, December 4, 2016, Bruce Haight


I like this theme: a movie star's last name is turned into the past tense of an action verb by adding ED, and then recluing, each clue having to do with movies in some way. I think I like ORLANDOBLOOMED the best. But none of them are truly brilliant or extremely witty. Just all equally fine.

The puzzle played easy for me overall, finishing in about 67% of my usual Sunday time. My first confident answer was LYLE at 3D. There are some good bits in here: ZIPCAR and UNCOLA are fun commercial examples. AWRATS is evocative.

I liked ASALLGETOUT, a phrase I must remember to use more frequently. The middle diagonal sections are full of chunky answers. I particularly like DUELED because it reminds me of Hamilton (which I saw last week), and 69D: Gable part (BUTLER) for its neat hidden capital.

Not such a fan of AGLARE, LEED, or ECARD.

But overall its a pretty smooth grid with enough interesting stuff to make a Sunday solve enjoyable.

1A: Kind of marker (FELTTIP) is fine but nothing special. I give it a C.

P.S. I was in Foxborough today for the greatest QB of all time's league leading 201st win. Great experience, even if the game itself wasn't the most exciting.

- Colum


  1. I can't believe you were at the game! Awesome!

    I enjoyed the theme. That BUTLER clue took me forever, and who knew it was AUGIE Doggie, and not "oggie?"

  2. 34:35
    A bit too fast, but the fun theme made up for it. BUTLER was certainly a tough one to get, and I agree that ORLANDOBLOOMED is the best of the bunch, although there are a few close calls. Nice that TROPPO is in there, and, of course, BALI.