Friday, February 10, 2017

Friday, February 10, 2017, Kyle Mahowald


There's some really good stuff in this Friday themeless, and it was definitely tough as well, so I was pleased with it. I don't love the somewhat fractured nature of the grid: I'm used to more swathes of white squares on a weekend, but it flowed well enough.

I actually hit on 1A: Epiglottis, for one (FLAP), which I give a B, evening out the clever clue with the sort of nasty thought of an epiglottis in general. We all have one, just like Dan Ayckroyd said about your uvula on SNL ("It'll behoove ya to care for your uvula..."). Getting 1A didn't make things go much faster because of the way the corner is sectioned off. I liked the pair of "plugs" clues: odd that only MALEs are likely to use TOUPEES.

JESSEEISENBERG is fun to see in the grid, with all those vowels in a row, not to mention that it's his full name. I don't love him as an actor, but he was good in The Social Network. 15D: "You said it!" (ILLDRINKTOTHAT) makes me think of the "The Ladies Who Lunch" from Company by Stephen Sondheim. ("And one for Mahler!" You don't get to hear that sort of thing too much these days).

It took forever to see MINECRAFT because I had bEAT at 58A: Coup (FEAT). I was thinking of the definition of "blow or strike", so that B left me with _INECRAB_. Wine Crabs? Could it be some peculiar app, mixing alcohol and STDs? Seemed unlikely.
This was never me
11D: Waiter outside a seafood restaurant, maybe (ALLEYCAT) made me laugh. It works so hard to get there! DATASCIENTIST though was an unknown to me. I had DATA_C_EN____ for quite some time, and since BOITO was known to me only vaguely, I needed that S to figure it out.

My only real quibble is ACMES, which I've touched on before. Too many superlatives - for example: Tom Brady and Joe Montana are the greatests of all times. I don't buy it.


- Colum


  1. 17:21

    Frannie recently completed (and very much enjoyed) a "Data Science for Librarians" course, and if there's anything sexier than a librarian data scientist, I'd like to know what it is.

    Took me a long time to realize/remember that Jack LEMMON spelled his name with two Ms, and it also took me a long time to get TRUSTME ("I'm telling you the truth"). BOITO took all the crosses, and the V of TREVORNOAH and EVAN was just an educated guess. But everything worked out in the end.

    I liked PITYPARTY, even though it seems we just saw that recently, and I was amused by 51D: Radius, but not diameter (BONE). Why do those types of clues continue to trick me for so long?!

    Enjoyable Friday.

  2. 9:55

    MINECRAFT was a gimme. But then, you have girls. I have boys.

  3. 22:24
    This one didn't seem too tough to me. I moved right along. I enjoyed DOGEAR, but not DIAPERED too much. Loved ANIMUS and ILLDRINKTOTHAT. WEST should always be clued with Adam; never with ISIS. UNDO.