Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Tuesday, February 28, 2017, Jacob Stulberg


It's the last day of February, which has brought home to me two things; to wit, that it's not a very long month, so the blogging went by quickly, and also that I have a hard time typing February. Just about every time it came out Feburary. I will henceforth call the month that, especially every time I go to the liberry.

So, heads up, am I right, menfolk? Our theme is STANDUPGUYS, with three synonyms for a male personage hidden backwards (or upwards, really) in other phrases. In all three cases, the hidden word is split across words, so thumbs up there. I'm not in love with any of the three phrases though. NETNEGATIVE ("gent") is a thing, certainly. RADICALLEFT ("fella", my favorite) is fine. And ILEDUDIABLE ("dude") is a rarely heard thing. Anyway, they're all fine, just not really Tuesday level, I guess.

1A: ____ jacket (bit of casualwear) (JEAN) gets a D+ for starting the puzzle with a partial. Although my daughter is sporting a fine example of said casualwear even as we speak. 2D: Start of many a doctor's visit (EXAM) is just plain wrong. I don't know of any doctor who starts out a visit by examining a patient. You always need to set the tone with conversation and relieving a little tension before you go setting hands on a person. So thumbs down for that.

On the other hand, I'm always in favor of HOBBES, one of the best comic strip characters of all time. Weird to have BOB and NAN, palindromic names. Otherwise I don't have much to say here.

Tomorrow, either Horace or Frances will take over, I'm sure. Enjoy March, the best month of the year! Am I right, Horace?

- Colum


  1. 10:34
    I know a LATVIAN, and ASPIRE to visit her land of rivers and lakes someday. BORGIAS is somewhat timely, excellent that OGDEN is in the puzzle (as opposed to the usual Nash) and ALLURES is a nice word (and a good plural for a change, IMO). Shout out to HAWAII.

  2. 5:58
    Damn straight! Happy birthday to you in a few days, fine sir, and thanks for another month of reviews. I'm sorry I cut out there for a bit toward the end, but things got rather more busy than we could handle. And for us, that's VERY busy. Frannie and I decided that, starting this week, we'd shut things down for an entire month. No more going out every night, drinking and carousing. Well, that was the plan as we got back from an eventful weekend on Monday mid-day. Then last night, we ended up going to a party after work and we finally biked home (tipsy, some of us) at around 9:30, and there's another program tonight after work that we both want to attend.... will we ever SLEEP?

    Anywho... that's probably enough about that. I'm getting tired just writing about it.

    Is YESMEN part of the theme? ... probably not.

    And what about that other ubiquitous palindromic name, ONO?

  3. I liked CHILI especially as clued here. And I'm also a sucker for WHEY (but especially as not clued here, I'm afraid to say). And of course EGGO is pretty well etched in my head, but perhaps that is one of those things that depends on whether one was watching TV during a certain time period?