Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Tuesday, February 21, 2017, Timothy Polin


Ah, APTESTS... in Spring
Many young persons study;
OSCINE songs taunt them.

It's a week of dense theme so far. Today, eight phrases with the initials AP cross each other in the corners, along with the revealer. That's a total of 76 squares of theme!

LACY leaf in Fall,
Its green color RUSTS away...
Caught on ARTPAPER.

I'm not convinced by TUNAOIL. And I like SEAEELS for the ludicrous letter combo, but otherwise, I feel like most eels are in fact in the sea.

CELLO music slips
past the KOI frozen deep down...
Winter grasps us all.

Cheers for AMYPOEHLER, American as APPLEPIE. I enjoyed having both LEIA and Obi Wan KENOBI in the grid.

Summer evening:
REST is deserved after all
that GORP on the hike.

AGAVES gets a C- for starting the puzzle with a plural. And I'm out.

- Colum

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  1. 10:02
    A fine theme for a Tuesday. Nice HAIKU-ing, there, Colum. TUNAOIL is fine, but rarely mentioned, so I agree that it is somewhat suspect. However, the first eel that I ever saw was of the fresh water variety caught by one of my friends on the Reservoir in Douglas, so the distinction is fine with me. Probably, SEAEELS are more common. The clue for STERN (41A Taking no guff) is nice. I'd never heard of an IOMOTH, but as a fan of Jupiter (and Greek mythology, although there's a bit of a moniker mismatch since Jupiter is Roman), I like it.