Friday, June 11, 2021

Friday, June 11, 2021, Matthew Stock

TOPSTORIES this morning: INDIA Finds Water on Moon!, RAMI Malek won Best Actor!, NIKE and Victoria: Twins? Or Actually the Same Person?! GIMME that mic ... TAPTAP ... Is this thing on?

I'm no zoologist, but to me that looks like two horns.

I enjoyed this puzzle. I wouldn't say I literally DIED, entered Nirvana and found INNERPEACE, but it was definitely better than just OKAPI. It was ACES!

I wonder if they rushed to publish this one before MEDINA Spirit is disqualified for testing positive for drugs? Well... I guess they could have fallen back on the ol' Tone-Lōc classic. 

Lots of fun stuff in here. NERDALERT crossing DATAFORMAT was apt. EDELWEISS ("Blossom of snow," in song) always brings a smile. LOCAVORE, MEANSTREETS, TWEEN, PAWNED, DIDDLY (Start to squat?), DISOWN... lots of good stuff.

Did you read that article in the New Yorker recently about French TACOS? It's a new fast food that is, apparently, nothing like a real taco. I haven't had one yet, but Frannie is determined to find a purveyor the next time we're over there. It kind of sounds like a cross between a fajita and poutine. Seems to me like you'd FEELIT for hours.

I went through this fairly quickly, finishing in 11:23, but I'll leave it to the real PACESETTERS to leave their times below. 


- Horace


  1. Great review, Horace! Well - from here on the MEANSTREETS of western Toronto - I slogged thru in a decent 7:20. Not helped in the upper right by putting in LENS, and then UVEA, before realizing it was CONE. #EYEroll

    As a native Quebecker, I get my back up whenever reference is made to sullying the purity and sanctity of our native dish POUTINE. So I'm already biased against this French TACO thing.

    Have a great day all!

  2. Thanks

    I almost mentioned you by name when I mentioned poutine. I've never had that, either, but hope to someday. I don't actually think French TACOS will ever present a challenge to Canada's national dish. :)

    I know the comments is a terrible place to share a link, but here it is anyway, in lovely text format:

    1. Poutine ... mmmmmm ... OK, poutine. It's really more Quebec's provincial dish. Not actually sure there is a "Canadian national dish" - will chew on that one, as it were. So, what to look for in Poutine: The cheese must be cheese curd. Any other type of cheese (e.g. cheddar or mozzarella, two common substitutes), and it's NOT POUTINE. The gravy must be plentiful and piping hot, hot enough to melt the cheese curd a little bit. Chicken gravy is the best. Thicker fries are better than thinner.

      There are regionally acceptable variants on the basic theme; I have had poutine with canned peas on it (yes, really!), and with chopped smoked meat - good when you're REALLY hungry - and some diners (called casse-croutes in Quebec) serve it with meaty spaghetti sauce, though I've never partaken of that particular one.

      It's hard to get bad poutine in Quebec. It's hard (but not impossible) to get good poutine outside of Quebec.

      Look at me, rambling on!!

    2. I've obviously touched a nerve and I love it. We'll get back to Quebec eventually, and when we do, we'll look for a casse-croute. There must be a vegetarian version of poutine available. I know it wouldn't be considered "authentic," but at least it'll get us halfway there. :)

  3. Obvi, I'll never try poutine, and don't feel I'm missing out at all. I did not get through this quickly (21:28), but steadily. There were some tricky entries. I tried micTAP, which slowed the north down a bit, didn't know MRWORLDWIDE and needed crosses for PAWNED and FEELIT (even though those are common enough).

  4. 16 minutes and some change for me. I liked the puzzle very much! Didn't know MR WORLDWIDE but the crossers helped me there. Had MAIN before MEAN for the movie which held me up while I idiotically tried to convince myself that PRIM was the correct answer, and looking for something restricting a phone's usage for the [Cell boundary] clue. All in all, though, a very nice puzzle!

  5. 8:23 for me. Tough the way the puzzle is sectioned off into thirds. Makes the entry into the various sections challenging. I have not yet had good poutine, even living close to the North Country.