Tuesday, June 15, 2021

Tuesday, June 15, 2021, Owen Travis

Mr. Travis brings a magic touch to today's theme answers: the ends of three noun phrases represent legendary objects from the Harry Potter series, WRITTENINSTONE, OPERACLOAK, BUBBLEWAND, the set of which is, apparently called the DEATHLYHALLOWS. Is that right? have read the Harry Potter series, but it was a long time ago and many details have faded. 

Speaking of magic, there were a couple of fun clues that conjured up a chuckle including "Where something unpleasant may stick" (CRAW) and "Something you might trip on" (ACID) - ha!


A typo in my answer at 27D: "Eleanor" RIGBY almost spelled disaster for this solver, but luckily I caught it before completing the grid. 

The only C/AP I thought could use a little pixie dust was DIRE for "Warning of disaster." Otherwise, I found fill like CHAP, SHADE, OUST, MAGMA, and OOMPA quite bewitching. 



  1. I know next to nothing of Harry Potter movies or books, so this theme wasn't up my alley, but I did finish it in under seven, which is fine for a Tuesday. DIRE stuck in my CRAW for sure, and I wasn't familiar with the SHADE reference, so the "D" was my final entry. Happily, I got the Happy Pencil. Tried OPERAdress before OPERACLOAK, causing a slight slowdown, but no other problems.

  2. We just discussed HP recently in this forum! I am a huge fan - have read each book multiple times and still so impressed with the overarching structure. Also no real slowdowns other than MISS instead of LASS. 3:57 for me

    1. Well, maybe I should read the damn things. Maybe Frannie would lend me a copy....

    2. I have the whole set, Huygens...

    3. Maybe I should start with the first one next time I see you, if that's OK.

  3. Like Huygens, I'm Potter-Challenged, but the grid work in this puzzle pleased me a lot. BUBBLE WAND is a joy in itself, and PHOTO BOMB, LOSE SLEEP and SOFT TACO are terrific. Bewitching review, Frannie!