Tuesday, June 29, 2021

Tuesday, June 29, 2021, Alan Arbesfeld

A Tuesday with a trick! Phrases in the form of "[Blank] in the [blank]" are re-arranged into "the [Blank] [blank]." So, "Toy with a spring, literally," is rendered as THEJACKBOX, and "Undecided, literally" is THEUPAIR. Not a bad little diversion, and there are six of them to boot! 

DYE (Batik, e.g.)

I know some of our Excel-loving solvers will enjoy DATASET (Spreadsheet figures), and everyone loves a BEANBAG (Shape-shifting seat). Do they still sell those? Or were they just a '70s thing?

It seemed like there were a lot of names in the puzzle today - ANN, PACINO, TERI, STACY, ARES, LEARY, MINETA, EARL (sort of), JACOB, TIMON, HARRIS, ESTES, and the uncommon LEY (Willy ___, pioneering writer on rocketry) and TOD (Director Browning of 1931's "Dracula"). Did I get them all?

I like how TRAY (It goes up during takeoff) and SHAY (Two-wheeled carriage) are symmetrical in the center, and right with them are HEY and LEY. MILIEU (Setting) and ELIXIR (Sorcerer's concoction) are nice words, and ASTHMA (It can take your breath away) got a good clue. On the whole, though, the theme is front and center. And sometimes that's fine.

- Horace


  1. Well, he's back after a several-days quiet period due to an extremely hectic schedule, but that's really no excuse as I've had time (just) do finish the crossword every day. Anyway, this was, indeed, an excellent surprise for a Tuesday, and a really good trick. I didn't mind all of the names in the grid because (1) they're not particularly common, and (2) I knew all of them except for MINETA (guessed on the "I"), TOD and LEY. Even with the trick and all of the names, I was able to pull off an 8:09, which is pretty good for me on a Tuesday, but by no means spectacular. I hope to never need to use an ICEAX again, although I can attest that they do what they're made to do.

  2. Welcome "back" Huygens! I loved this crossword too. Lots of names I didn't know; e.g. exactly the ones you mentioned. And in an epic, EPIC brain cramp, I blanked on the name of your VP!! I enjoy neat trivia-related clues like TAMIL. Didn't like AIRACE tho. 5:36 today

  3. Nice theme! FWOE, though, at the MINETA/TICK crossing. Guessed O. But a sweet solve!

  4. Ditto, Kelly! It was a total toss up between the O and the I for this solver.