Monday, June 28, 2021

Monday, June 28, 2021, Pamela F. Davis

What a fun start to the week! Four HOMECHEF meals critiqued by a child. The meals get fancier and fancier as they go on, from the lowly BEETREPORT to the chocolate MOUSSECALL. I'm not sure what a "French roll" is, and it took me a while to remember that there's a thing called a "moose call" (there is such a thing, right Philbo?), but still, I laughed out loud at this theme. And I love the bonus themer SUPS (Has an evening meal) at the end. 


It played longer (4:58) than a Monday sometimes does for me, partly because of the "quote" clues for the theme answers, and partly thanks to me guessing "megafail" instead of MEGAFLOP (Epic failure) (I know, I know, the clue has "fail" right in it, but I was not paying close attention!), and "loll" instead of LAZE. It also got a little tricky in the South, with SERGE (Twilled fabric for suits), SPUMES (Sea foams), and SPOOR (Scent of an animal). Not exactly true KOFCA-esque words, maybe, but still, a few that require a deeper search in the ol' memory banks. But as we always say, we appreciate and welcome the challenge any day of the week.

My favorite clue today is "It's a crime to lie under it" (OATH). 

Fun Monday! 

- Horace


  1. Hi yall! I found this one ever so slightly tougher than the usual Monday fare - very pleasantly so. Didn't "get" the theme till almost the end! And yes Horace, there is such a thing, though ordinarily it'd refer not to the moose's vocalization itself but the little kazoo-looking thing hunters would use to imitate them and lure them closer. Moose are magnificent up close, if you ever have the good fortune to have a close encounter.

    I know MEGAFLOP as a measure of a computer's ability to crunch floating-point numbers, though these days GIGAFLOP would be more common.

    3:10. The quest for admission into the sub-3:00 club continues.......

  2. I had MEGAFail too and did not notice that "failure" in the clue contains "fail" which I suppose would indeed disqualify it.

  3. I think I'll rely on people to take really tight photographs of a moose instead of me seeing one up close. Isn't a French roll just a small, horrible blob of white bread? Slightly more difficult than normal for a Monday for me at 6:06.