Friday, August 19, 2022

Friday, August 19, 2022, Patrick John Duggan

Well, this was hilarious. SMOOTHMOVEEXLAX (Putdown to a klutz, in dated slang) is such a throwback! Frannie and her sisters still like to trot the phrase out from time to time, and it still brings a smile.


So that's pretty much it. I loved it once I got that entry. But there was so much more! JEOPARDY (What makes you question everything you know?) was a really lovely C/AP, and IWOJIMA (Literally, "sulfur island") was some choice trivia to sock away for the next time you play JEOPARDY. 

Everywhere you look there's quality material. BARMENU (The drinks are on me!), "Runs up and down?" (SCALES), INGENUE (Green sort), "It's not your fault" (LETSERVE), POTUSER (Member of high society?) followed by "He wrote 'All good things are wild and free'" (THOREAU)... it's all so good! GERUNDS (Kicking and screaming, often), HOTONE (Scorcher), "One in a state of disbelief" (ATHIEST), "Something to shoot for" (PAR)... I ASPIRE to this kind of puzzle creation. Well, if I actually put any effort into puzzle creation I'd ASPIRE to it (Yes, yes, Kelly, I'll TRY someday, I promise!), but for now, I am looking for the TIPJARS (They're open to change), because this was just great. It might be a little RASH of me to say, but there is nothing about this puzzle that I don't like.

Just lovely.

- Horace

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  1. I WON'T MINCE WORDS...there's nothing about this puzzle I don't like, either! Either the entry is terrific, or the clue is, or, in so many ways, both are. Beautiful! (Horace, I believe you will TRY!)