Wednesday, August 24, 2022

Wednesday, August 24, 2022, Colin Ernst

Today's theme answers put the REAL in REALESTATEAGENT euphemisms. Each clue describes a feature of a property in a positive light, then the corresponding theme answer gives you the low down. So, when a space has "endless possibilities" you're actually getting a MAJORFIXERUPPER. Classic. Some of these turns of phrase seem like a JOKE, but I can only ASSAM the approach SELLS and/or secures a TENET, or why bother ATALL

I had a few creative takes of my own during today's solve, including 'smock' for "Painter's coat" which turned out to be a bad GESSO. In other wrong turns, I dropped in CLIO for "Advertiser of the year award, e.g." and then doubted it right back out only to have it fill back in with the Downs. I also started with ANY for "No one in particular" but then decided that was wrong and I put 'one' in its place. Derp. And speaking of doubtful entries, dear Readers, what, pray tell, is CIV engr.?


The TRUEVALUE of the puzzle was in the fun clues. I very much enjoyed "Tiny 'tiny'?" for LIL. Also good were:
"Site for sponges" (REEF)
"Place for cultural studies?" (PETRIDISH)
"Usual beginning?" (LONGU)
"Form of attachment" (JPEG) - ha!

Not to cause a hooha, but the one NADIR for this solver was AFTS for "P.M. times." Does anyone actually say or use that abbreviation? Maybe if the clue had been rephrased as "Ship positions" we could SHAKEONIT



  1. CIV engr. must be civil engineering but it sort of rang a bit hollow for me too. Can't really say why because it does seem to be within the bounds of what constructors often get away with.

    1. I guess I was stuck on "engr." being short for engraving. Derp.