Tuesday, August 16, 2022

Tuesday, August 16, 2022, Sue Fracker

This was a fun one. Five rooms are elbowed into the grid by way of circled letters: boiler, guest, dressing, panic, and romper. Hah! Should that last one be capitalized? Because all I know it from is the old TV show. Remember that? "I see Jimmy, and Kelly, and Philbo ..." No? Anyway, seeing that one after all the normal rooms really put a smile on my face.


Another thing that put a smile on my face was the clue for CAFETERIA (Food fight locale). Heh. And I also snickered when I put in BLOG (Collection of online musings). 

I did GOOF (Slip up) after being LEDON by the clue for INERT (Like neon and argon) - I put in "noble" at first, but the crosses fixed that up without TOO much trouble. I liked JADED (Over it all), because recently I've taken to saying "You name it, I'm over it." But you know what, one thing I'm still not over is connected to the answer STN (Depot: Abbr.). When I think of the abbreviation for "station," I think of it as "sta," not STN, and I made that mistake on my very first puzzle at my very first ACPT. Now I still put in ST_ and wait, LEST I, like the Mighty CASEY, strike out again. (Incidentally, Ernest Thayer wrote CASEY at the Bat in 1888, in my home town of Worcester, Mass. And (much later) one of my brothers recited it at the front of a grade school English class.)

But all that moaning aside, I really enjoyed this Tuesday ROMP. It was full of interesting fill (STIRCRAZY, TASTETEST, SUPERGLUE, CRAWLS, JIGSAW), and had an unusual, fun theme. And it's a debut! (Congrats!) What more do you want?

- Horace

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  1. Whee, I love this puzzle -- especially ROMPER ROOM, but it's all good. And a debut, you say? Wow. Love the fill, the clues -- and the placement of the reveal at the end. Beautiful work. Sure, Horace, I remember the show! We had a couple, at least, of lady hosts (both or all called "Miss" something) and that Magic Mirror...one time she even saw me! :-)