Tuesday, August 2, 2022

Tuesday, August 2, 2022, Jay Kaskel and Daniel Kantor

Today's theme revealer, REPEATAFTERME provides an instruction, of sorts, if you haven't yet completed the theme answers, or a description, if you have. Each theme answer contains the letters ME, directly after which there's a letter that repeats, as in STEAMEDDUMPLING, and CONSUMERREPORTS. Happily, no theme entries were harmed in the construction process - all four theme entries are known things or expressions. 

Since it's all about ME today, here are some of the C/APs I enjoyed:
"Little dipper?" (TOE
"Propper noun?" (EASEL) - heh.
"It's more than a ding" (DENT)
"Touch down, say" (ARRIVE)
 and my favorite "Org. that takes many forms" (IRS) - ha!

18D: LEM

Fill-wise, I liked DWARF, VENUE, and RUMPUS. Less appealing for this solver were UVEASSAC ("Anatomical pouch"), OGLED, LYE, TASE, and JAB - which, if not EVIL, are unpleasant to say the YEAST.

On a MUSK happier note and in other ME news, on vacation by the shore, I am enjoying an AIRY breeze, and once done here, I look forward to dip in the ocean, and some time to read a book about VENICE I picked up in a free Little Library - a regular EDEN.


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