Saturday, August 6, 2022

Saturday, August 6, 2022, Byron Walden

Greetings, Dear Reader, it's Horace, giving Frannie one true vacation day by taking care of the blog post for today. I'm hoping it prompts her to JUMPFORJOY, as I did when I finished this thing! :)

So you're calling that a BEANIE?

Here's the SITCH, I had a hard time in the SE, but it wasn't a BORE. I FANCY the pairing of VASECTOMY (Form of birth control) and SHEBOP (1984 #3 hit with the lyric "Ain't no law against it yet"). I'm BETTING most folks went through the woman's options first for the former, and the way the Supreme Court is going, it won't be long before the latter really is against the law. Because, you know, ... UPISDOWN.

DOTARD (Old fogy) has taken on even more comic value after one of the world's leader's accurately used the term when talking about our former president. ("Our former president... sigh. How did that even happen? ... Oh right... UPISDOWN.)

PINBALLERS, LEFTENDS, and DESKPERSON (Someone who can't stand working?) are a little weak, but the last is at least elevated by a fun clue. And I don't really buy HAWS (Stumbles for a speaker), but elsewhere, we find C/APs worth talking about, like "Partnership agreement?" (YESDEAR), "Make sound" (REPAIR), and "It's bound to run in the third quarter" (FALLISSUE). Wow, that last one took me for-ever.

Our vacation is coming to an end. Colum takes over tomorrow, and I'll see you again a week after that.

Happy puzzling all!

- Horace

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