Friday, January 12, 2024

Friday, January 12, 2024, Hemant Mehta

Lots of multi-word answers today. MYFAULT, HIDDENFEES, UPTONOGOOD, TINSELTOWN, BOOTYCALLSSTUFFYNOSESHOOKTHINGSUP, OHITSONNOW, BORETHECOST, RANAT, SINGTOBLOTOUTONAROLLSPOILEDROTTEN, and BANNEDBOOKS (Merriam-Webster's Ninth New Collegiate Dictionary and "Where's Waldo?," once, surprisingly). That's a lot! And can't we all see that it's too late for us when people are trying to ban dictionaries? I mean, we don't need to read OPEDS about this to realize that it's AKIN to mob RULE do we? What's next? A COUP? The president's head on a PIKE? I suppose it's all a CYCLE, and LORDY I CRINGE to think of the FUTURA. Get out and VOTE sheeple! If that day-glo megalomaniac wins this fall we will all get what we deserve


Wow, that got dark fast. Really got my DANDER up. And here I am supposed to be talking about a simple crossword puzzle! 

So what else ... I always feel that the puzzle is on the easy side when I review it afterward and find that there were clues I didn't even read. Today one such was "Sexy growl" (RAWR). Sorry to have missed that one! :)

And a FLOAT is a weird concept, isn't it? If somebody asked me if I wanted milk in my root beer I would think they were insane. But drop a scoop of ice cream in there? Yes please. 

- Horace

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