Tuesday, January 9, 2024

Tuesday, January 9, 2024, Adam Wagner

In the immortal words of Amy Reynaldo, "Tuesdays gonna tuez." In today's TUESDAY theme, we have phrases containing abbreviations for two days. And together, the three phrases contain abbreviations for every day except TUESDAY, which is given as the revealer. "Part of a calendar septet, and a phonetic hint to this puzzle's theme." Sooo... twos days? I meannnnn, it kinda works? What am I missing?


What else. GNOTE (Thousand-dollar bill, slangily)? Hmmm... this is currency that was discontinued in 1969. The $100 bill has been the largest note in use since then. Do I sound like a DORK for saying that? 

"Ocean creatures with nearly triple the neural wiring of humans" = OCTOPI. I have said for a while now that I don't eat octopus because I don't want to be eating anything smarter than myself. And honestly... "triple?!" Yeesh. Humans should wise up and try to be friends with OCTOPI instead of trapping them and killing them. Open your EYES people! We are not doing this DANCE of living on our own.

I liked "Plus-or-minus one?" for ION, "Prepared for an oral exam?" (SAIDAH) and "Lei man's term?" (ALOHA) were amusing, and WENTKABOOM (Exploded) was unexpected and fun. There was a little weirdness with the abbreviations clustered in the south central area (ROTO, UNI, GUAC, PEI, PREOP), the alternate spelling of DAO ("The Way," in Chinese Pinyin), and the plural KMARTS, but overall, I enjoyed it well enough.

- Horace

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  1. A bit "dodgy", today's theme. TUESDAY doesn't really scan the way it should, phonetically. I did like that the paired weekdays covered the whole week except "TUE". I liked SATINTHEFRIDGE for its cheeky casualness.

    And fully agree re. OCTOPI and the consumption thereof. I have watched way too many octopus escape videos. Catch "My Octopus Teacher", if you haven't already.