Wednesday, January 10, 2024

Wednesday, January 10, 2024, Chloe Revery and Alissa Revness

I enjoy this kind of theme, where a regular change in spelling results in absurd clue/answer pairs. So instead of the expression "No great shakes," we get NOGREATCAKES, which is clued as a "Review for a so-so bakery?" Hah! And why does the "sh" change to a "c"? Because, as the revealer tells us, SHARINGISCARING. My favorite might be "Completes a superhero transformation?" (GETSINTOCAPE) because of the stiltedness of the answer. Wacky. Just like we like.


MITT (It's catching) is a lovely Non-QMC. See also "It's often in stock" (BONE). (Soup stock.)

"'Magic that works,' per Vonnegut" is a fun clue for SCIENCE. "What's tolerated by every body?" is a tricky one for TYPEO, and I tried "ski" for "Runner on the ground?" (RUG), but that was eventually fixed by RAGU (Meaty pasta sauce), with its false capital - the ragu they're referring to is simply an Italian word, not the brand.

Yesterday we were told that octopi have way more neural connections than humans, and now we learn that the ORCA has the most gray matter of any mammal. It kind of makes me wonder why we do not eat ORCA. I mean, we eat pretty much everything else that lives and breathes. What's so special about them? I mean, aside from all that gray matter?

Finally, UPSA? "UPSA-daisy?" OK. You can have it. But only because I enjoyed the theme so much.

- Horace

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